Woodbrew: Simple DIY Projects for Home or Outdoor Spaces

Dylan and Molly from Woodbrew have been busy building up a storm in their workshop. The young couple has been making a video series for their YouTube Channel of some simple, but stylish furniture that will occupy their patio.  Their methods are simple and don’t require special tools or talents. Using basic home-store lumber, they spell out the process of each build clearly in their videos and even included some free plans for their cool Bike Rack, released this week.

The couple lives in the southern sun of Alabama, so when they know the pieces are going outdoors, and even when they might live inside, they use TotalBoat’s Halcyon Rugged Gloss Varnish to protect and enhance the wood. This durable, waterproof varnish is a favorite of theirs, and it’s perfect for furniture that, like our boats, needs to stand up to some harsh weather. Halcyon does the job so nicely, so it’s their go-to finish for all their projects. Check out this playlist of the whole Woodbrew Outdoor Collection. 

Plans for the outdoor furniture collection is in the works, but until then you can read up on their builds using these links. They have designed and built some really nice pieces, and any patio, porch, or even living room would look great when beautified with this furniture set.

Jay Bates Planter Build: http://bit.ly/2IGz2ut
DIY Outdoor Chair: http://bit.ly/323I1xD
DIY Outdoor Coffee Table: http://bit.ly/2B1doNe
DIY Grill Cart: http://bit.ly/2nBdWGp
DIY Modern Outdoor Planter: http://bit.ly/2IBp79l
DIY Outdoor Sofa: http://bit.ly/324fxUn

Their recent Bike Rack video is a brilliant use of a single sheet of plywood, turned into a storage center for your biking “things” and a bike stand on top. It makes great use of a small footprint and accomplishes many things at once – which is the true sign of any great build.  Enjoy!

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