Waterlust Paints Teardrop Camper With TotalBoat Topside Paint & Varnish

When Waterlust filmed this latest video, they were adoring the “glorious weather” in Miami. As you read this, the team has evacuated with their newly painted Teardrop camper in tow, and they headed north – away from the dangerous Hurricane Irma that was bearing down on Miami. Good thing they got all their finishes on the trailer before heading out, so the hard work they put into building the teardrop will be protected by a pro applied, spray coat of clear automotive sealer. And the storage box underneath – well, they tackled on their own using TotalBoat paint and varnish.

Even though they didn’t trust their own painting skills to complete the exterior of the newly epoxied trailer, they felt confident that they could pull off a great paint job using TotalBoat Topside Primer and Wet Edge Topside paint on their storage box. The box lives underneath the actual camper part – meaning it’s close to the road, absorbing all the flying rocks and gravel and road debris. They obviously chose a marine paint like Wet Edge because they know it’s a durable paint that can hold up to the challenges of the marine environment, making it well suited for their over-the-road use of their new teardrop.

Patrick, Waterlust King, felt that his minimal painting skills met the challenge of painting the box, and even continued to paint the drawer interiors. He happily declared “the primer sanded really well – overall it looks really good,” and these inexperienced painters were able to apply a few coats of both primer and paint for a pro looking finish to match their “pro” applied finish on top! For the interior, they had hoped the pro spray painters could clear coat their homey, wooden inside – but when they were unable to do so, the team turned to Gleam Varnish and used “hot dog” rollers for a roll and tip application of a nice amber interior finish.

Then – the team packed up their Miami home, grabbed the dog and presumably their recording gear and all other things that matter in life and cannot be replaced, and they hit the road north out of harm’s way.

Let’s all hope the Waterlust team, the teardrop camper and any and all of our friends and family are affected by Irma, and the next few hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic Basin, are well out of danger and the path of these destructive storms. Keep your eye on Waterlust’s Instagram page for updates on their location and their use of their all new, beautifully painted and varnished Teardrop Camper. Enjoy the latest Waterlust video!

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