Tula’s Trawler Galley Makeover!

After six months in the boat yard, Billy and Sierra from Tula’s Endless Summer are on the homestretch of their trawler refit project. In today’s Video of the Week, they start to tackle the interior with a Galley Makeover using our Wet Edge Topside Paint.

Billy and Sierra purchased their 1978 43’ DeFever Trawler, Mountain Myst, for $100 and are refitting it into a comfortable cruising home.  In past episodes, we have watched them transform the decks, the teak woodwork, and get the exterior of the boat prepped and painted. Now that the exterior is complete and Mountain Myst is in the water, they are heading to the interior where they begin the galley makeover.

Sierra begins by removing all the cabinet doors.  After finding some water damage, she decides to sand them all down and use our TotalFair Fairing Compound where the damaged veneers were, as well as any spots on the walls and shelves that needed to be filled in.  Once the areas are fully cured and sanded, Sierra goes in to clean the surfaces with Dewaxer & Surface Prep before priming.  She then goes in with a coat of our Premium Marine Topside Primer before finishing the cabinets and galley walls with our Wet Edge Topside Paint in white. The Wet Edge paint will give them the ultimate durability and protection.  The white brightens up the space and brings it back to life!  The final steps to the makeover include re-installing the cabinet doors and adding the new hardware!

And VOILA, from drab to fab; Billy and Sierra’s galley makeover is complete.  From an old wooden galley to a new bright and clean look, Mountain Myst’s transformation has been worth all of their blood sweat and tears over the past six months .  Be sure to follow Tula’s Endless Summer by subscribing to their channel.  And comment below what you think of their Trawler transformation so far!

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