TotalBoat Ambassadors Win The Seven Boat Volvo Ocean Race Fleet

Congrats to our two TotalBoat Ambassadors, Charlie Enright and Nick Dana, who have just thrown down an impressive victory in the seven boat Volvo Ocean Race fleet. Sure, it’s just the first leg, but what better way to start a long, 11-leg, round the World race than by crushing the competition out of the gate. And it was almost an out-of-the-gate move that launched them into their leading position, which they managed to hold on to all the way to Lisbon. Before they left the Med, they took a sharp turn towards the shore in a brave tack away from the fleet, and it was this very move that launched them far out beyond the pack, never looking back.  Surely they were watching their back, but they were only challenged for the lead a few times by second place boat, Mapfre. 

If you’re not yet tracking/ following and salivating over each leg and update of the fleet, get on board. Follow along all day and night on the App, check out the latest on the website and for SURE find the Raw Footage being delivered by the boats as they sail along. There is great footage – still and video – coming off each boat with updates, condition reports, breakage info and more. There is lots to see from each of the boats and plenty on social media from each team.

For now we are celebrating the amazing Leg 1 win for our home team. We knew they could do it and now they have proven it with certainty. We are proud, but it’s a long race and that’s just one, shorter, near coastal leg. The guns will be coming out for the coming legs, as they navigate south to Cape Town, and then on to Melbourne via a very long and trying Southern Ocean leg.

We can’t wait to watch it unfold from here.  Follow along! Way to go Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing!

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