Thixo Thickened Epoxy Adhesive for a Curved Wood Coaming

SV Ramble On has a great blog where the owner gets into the massive amount of work they have made for themselves (via a long to-do list) aboard their Tayana 37. Jeni & Rich do a great job of tackling jobs that they have never before attempted and they typically come out, not only alive, but with a great project completed and crossed off the to-do list that has taken over their lives.

In this recent blog post, we noticed Rich used some TotalBoat Thixo 2:1 Epoxy System to create new wooden coamings for the cockpit. He has previously adored the TotalBoat Stripper, so we know he’s a smart and talented boat owner.

We are impressed with his efforts and the outcome, knowing he hasn’t done work like this before. Check out his blog for some photos of how he accomplished it – gluing little pieces together with biscuits and of course – Thixo! There is lots to read and plenty for all of us to learn from the confident DIY boater. Our favorite kind. Dive in!


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