The Ultimate 5-Day DIY Plywood Boat Build

When Jason Hibbs of Borbon Moth Woodworking and Michael Alm of Alm Fabrications asked TotalBoat for support during their 5-day, no-real-plan boat build, we knew we needed to send a lot of Thixo Fast and also that we might have our hands full. These two talented woodworkers could create intricate plans and pull off a complicated piece of furniture without issue – but the boat building provided an extra challenge – as we know. Without square corners and nary a straight line, the duo set out to work their way through the build of the cocktail class racer and take it step-by-step, figuring out each challenge as they arose.

Jason’s previous boat-building victory was his drift boat that he’s enjoyed using in his native Oregon waters. This could only mean that Jason was aware of some of the challenges that would come. But knowing Jason, we thought that the impossibility of the project and his can-do approach was worth the risk.

Part 1 of this build series is a fun glimpse into these woodworker’s brains as they tackle the tough parts of boat building like constructing the ribs with the correct angles and making progressive bevels. They sort through each step and find solutions that might not be how Louis Sauzedde or Steve from Acorn to Arabella may do it, but we had confidence that they would succeed, albeit a bit differently. And that can be fun. Tune in for Part 1 and see how they fare with the toughest parts of building a wooden boat.

Now go over to Michael’s channel and check out his video of the same project. Give them both a “subscribe” while you’re there and you’ll be in on their awesome content and crazy builds!

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