The Road (or Sail) Ahead with Calico Skies


The last we checked in on Grace and Bill of Calico Skies Sailing back in April, they were in the process of bottom painting and installing a new rudder. In this week’s video, we’re catching up with them again after some health setbacks, as they try to get back on the road forward with their current refit taking place at Cabrales Boat Yard in Penasco, Mexico.

Grace is looking forward to finding a return to normalcy as there is a ‘36ft sailboat desperate for her attention.’ With a last minute decision to try and get the boat on the water in a week's time, they get right to work.

While Grace refreshes their ditch bag, Bill decides to test their diesel engine as it’s been nine months since it was last turned on. First, he changes the O ring and impellers, and moves on to test run water through the heat exchanger. After a brief hiccup, the engine test was successful. With T-minus three days, they move on to the next step, patching up the dinghy.

With so many things going on that are hard to control, they both maintain excitement as they are anxious to get the boat launched sooner than later. Getting back on the water will be a much needed relief and reprieve from all the setbacks they have had to deal with over the past few months.

Patching up the dinghy turns into its own little boat project, as Bill demonstrates how to remove and repair two patches. And now with two days to go, it’s time to move on to bottom painting. They used the same Spartan Multi-Season Antifouling Paint that they used in the bottom painting video from April, but this time, just a single coat of black. The only prep work required here was a rub down with acetone and a little paint thinner.

The last day they tackle a little beauty work to round out the week and hit the water with a little interior refresh. Grace decides to varnish their salon table, and opts to try TotalBoat Gleam Marine Spar Varnish for the first time, thanks to its low-odor formula. With the last details (for now) complete, they leave us hanging in anticipation for the launch- something they've worked painstaking hard for.

Tune in to this week's video as we see Grace back in action, and a glimmer of hope as getting on water is just around the corner.

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