The Art of Fairing the Rudder with Bob Emser

Sculptor and boat builder, Bob Emser from The Art of Boat Building, continues to make progress on this Haven 12 ½ wooden boat build. In this week’s episode, Bob shapes and attaches the rudder. To get started on shaping the rudder, the first thing he needed to do was to see how the tiller was going to fit in. The problem he encountered was that when he put the tiller on the boat, it did not fit the way it should. Because the pattern for the tiller was not correct, he went back to the drawing board and fixed his construction plans to make sure the tiller was a good fit in order to shape the rudder of his wooden boat.

Once the tiller was positioned correctly against the rudder, he got started shaping the rudder. Once it is shaped and cut to size, he applies our TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound to the rudder. The TotalFair dries fast and sands to a smooth finish. Once the rudder is all faired out, Bob then seals it with a couple of coats of epoxy before applying the primer. Be sure to give Bob’s video a like and follow his channel to see next week’s episode as he plans to finish the tiller and complete the rudder with a finish coat of bottom paint! As Bob says, If you’re gonna make it, make it beautiful!

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