Stripping and Refinishing C-Shels Motoryacht

Cyndi and Shell are attempting the liveaboard lifestyle on their Tollycraft 44 Motoryacht. They’re another couple documenting their effort on their YouTube Channel, Searching for C-Shels.  In this video, they’re focusing specifically on removing the previous varnish on the interior of their boat and resealing the teak. They start by using TotalStrip on their interior teak wall and teak hatch trim. They found that TotalStrip took off all of the previous varnish easily, and was mess-free with no odor, so they could complete the whole interior varnishing task in just a few days. After the TotalStrip removed all of the previous product down to bare wood, they use TotalBoat Wood Sealer to prep the teak for varnish that will be applied the next day.

Fast forward 24 hours after applying the wood sealer, and Cindy starts using the Danish Teak Sealer on the teak trim by the hatch. This will be all that is done on the hatch, it will not be varnished. Back to the teak wall, Sheldon explains that they decided to go with the Halcyon varnish, in the satin finish, as you can apply your coats an hour apart with no sanding in between – and it is water-based, meaning odor-free! They decided to use the Halcyon instead of teak oil or sealer because the previous owner had already used varnish on the teak wood.

The finished interior looks amazing at the end of the process. The satin finish was perfect for the interior. Sheldon expressed how he loved using the Halcyon varnish because you don’t need to be a professional for it to look like it was done by one, which explains the playful episode title, “Don’t Know What You’re Doing? Do it Anyway”. What products do you want to see them try next?

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