Slow Car Fast Home's TotalBoat Painting Adventure

Embarking on a journey to restore a 1978 Seacamper, Danielle and Tommy from Slow Car Fast Home take us through a captivating video detailing the meticulous process of priming and painting the topside of their beloved vessel. In this week’s feature video write-up, we dive into the transformative steps, challenges, and the TotalBoat products used in bringing this vintage beauty back to life with a fresh paint job!

Preparation, Sanding, Surface Cleaning

The restoration begins by removing the windows and lots of sanding by Tommy. To create the perfect canvas for the upcoming paint job, they wash three times, with a final surface cleanse of acetone. Rivet holes and imperfections were also diligently addressed, all adding up to a solid week of prep time!

'I feel like I've been sanding for days...'

Priming the Seacamper

TotalBoat's Premium Marine Topside Primer takes center stage as Danielle and Tommy are now ready to apply it to the meticulously prepped surface. Danielle takes her time using a sprayer to get a nice, even coat. Once that dries, Tommy sands with 220 grit to prep for painting.

Next, the painting phase kicks off with the fly bridge. Wet Edge Topside Paint is skillfully mixed and thinned with Spray Thinner 101, and then applied with a sprayer just as the primer was. Humorous reflections on the dichotomy of painting versus prep time add a touch of levity to the process.

“Honestly, we’re like in shock. This looks so good. The paint was amazing, we thinned it with the spraying thinner TotalBoat offers. There’s not a single run on this paint job. I don’t even know how we pulled this off, this is beautiful!’ - We’d like to say it’s because of the amazing prep job they did, paired with the awesomeness of the Topside Primer and Wet Edge Topside Paint ;)

A laughing moment to acknowledge the painted hair.

After three coats of paint, the final painting step is to apply the beautiful ‘sunset’ stripes that replace what was once a faded blue stripe.

Final Reveal!

The climax arrives as the protective tape is removed, unveiling the fully transformed Seacamper. Pulled out for the first time in weeks, the boat shines in its vibrant colors, showcasing the success of the month-long restoration journey.

A poignant comparison captures the Seacamper's evolution from a faded, yellowish appearance to a gleaming masterpiece. The dedication and hard work invested in the process can be seen in the before and afters.

As with any boat restoration project, there is always a challenging yet rewarding journey to be had, and what better reward than a freshly painted topside to motivate for the rest of the journey ahead! Danielle and Tommy share their plans for the next steps, including deck tread paint and the exciting prospect of assembling the boat's interior.

Be sure to follow along on their journey to see the next phase of this amazing boat restoration!


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