River’s Edge Countertop with Jess Crow

In honor of TotalBoat Ambassador Jess Crow‘s birthday, we bring you an impressive technique that Jess has mastered. It’s also the one year anniversary of TotalBoat and Jess’s launch of MakerPoxy, the artists’ epoxy resin that Jess helped to formulate. It begins with her hand-painted boulders that Jess adds along the shoreline of her beautiful wooden slab. Jess adds layers of MakerPoxy to her river that gives the piece depth, and then she carefully places breaking waves and ripples using her signature wave technique. Jess is a great example of someone who turned her dreams into reality. She is in the final stages of building her Alaskan dream shop, space where she can spread out and create her pieces which are in more and more demand.  We celebrate Jess today, on her birthday and on the MakerPoxy one year anniversary, and ask that you go give Jess’ YouTube Channel and Instagram a follow. 


Check out more of Jess’ work and notice the many ways she uses her painting talents to make her work stand out. There are plenty of talented epoxy artists around these days, but Jess’s work is a step above with her painted fish and rocks really adding to her craft. She’s pushing epoxy resin in new ways, making waves in her art – literally!

She’s an amazing artist who is not afraid to share by teaching the public in workshops, at events (when there were some!) and these days doing Lives on Instagram and YouTube for her followers. We are planning to do monthly LIVEs with Jess and give you a tip from her workshop each time that will help you succeed with your art.  We hope you’ll go follow Jess and keep an eye on TotalBoat social media for dates and times for upcoming Live shows with Jess.

MakerPoxy Artist’s Resin has had a great first year, launching many artists into the comfort zone with epoxy art. The crystal clear formula loves pigments and colorwork, it makes amazing cells and gives you 45 minutes of working time to mix your colors and make your magic. Try some today and find a coupon for it on Jess’s Instagram account.

We wish a very Happy Anniversary to MakerPoxy and Happy Birthday to Jess! 

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