Revamping Boat Hatches: A Journey with Beau and Brandy Sailing

Beau and Brandy Sailing have been on quite the adventure lately, and their latest endeavor involves revamping their boat's hatches. In their recent video, they shared their journey of transforming their vessel's hatches to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Revamping the Deck and Bathroom:

As a quick recap before diving into the hatch renovations, Beau and Brandy mention all that they’ve tackled recently. They started by docking at their friend's place in Florida and undertook the task of fixing the deck under the mast. They also installed a new compression post foot and completely revamped their bathroom and shower, creating stunning epoxy walls. If you haven't seen that video, be sure to check it out here! Their boat has been steadily transforming into a more comfortable and appealing living space.

Upgrading with Lumar Hatches:

The highlight of their project was the installation of brand-new Lumar hatches. These hatches were a significant upgrade from their old style hatches, which lacked a proper seal and security. Beau decided to make modifications to accommodate the Lumar hatches, ensuring a secure and watertight fit.

Custom Hatch Modifications:

Beau's attention to detail as always, is evident in his work. He meticulously cut and shaped the deck to ensure the hatches would fit perfectly. Using a multi-tool for precision and taking care to maintain a level surface, he made sure that the new hatches would not only look great but also perform exceptionally well. He also addressed any imperfections, filling voids with epoxy, and making sure the surface was smooth and level.

For getting the perfect fit, surface prep was key. Beau used Dewaxer and Surface Prep Solvent for the first step. Before laying out the fiberglass, he used High Performance Epoxy with Slow Hardener to coat the surface and give the fiberglass something to adhere to. For the final step in prepping, Beau and Brandy mixed up some TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound, and did a nice, thick layer to fill any and all voids, plus leave excess for sanding down for that perfect fit.

After the prep work was done, Beau was able to seal everything up with TopSide Primer and Wet Edge Topside Paint before installing the new hatch!


Steering System Maintenance:

In addition to hatch renovations, Beau and Brandy also faced steering issues on their boat. They discovered that a bearing sleeve was deteriorating, causing excessive friction. Beau ordered a rebuild kit from Edson, which included synthetic grease, bearings, and washers, and set out to fix the steering system, ensuring their safety and maneuverability at sea.

Beau and Brandy’s journey to revamp their boat's hatches is yet another inspiring testament from the boating community to the passionate constant renovation of a floating home. The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and teamwork displayed by them serve as an excellent example for fellow sailors and enthusiasts looking to embark on their own boat renovation projects. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from Beau and Brandy Sailing as they continue to explore the open waters!


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