Restoring a Stone Horse Sloop – Part 1

Brendan was looking around for a small cruising sloop that needed some work with a price that reflected its condition. He has the skills and tools to redo most major structural issues on a boat and thought if he could use those skills to bring a cool, older boat back to life, that he could find a decent boat at a great price and turn it into gold. Enter the Stone Horse. He saw her listing on eBay and instantly knew he had found his boat.

The boat mostly needed cosmetic work including plenty of coats of paint and some fairing on the hull, small repairs and plenty of elbow grease. The engine, down below and mast and rigging were all in decent condition, and the tan bark sails that seem to identify these Stone Horse Sloops were also in good shape. Brendan wasted no time getting right down to work.

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