Q&A Time with Louis on the TotalBoat Sport Dory

Lou is getting pretty close to finishing up and launching his TotalBoat Sport Dory! In this week’s episode, Lou answers some great questions from the audience as well as taking a close look at how he installs the guards and inwales.

The guards go on first and are made out of one long piece of lumber. Lou cuts a 45-degree bevel on the bottom side of each guard using a fence attached to a table saw. The pieces will then be bedded down with polysulfide and wood screws.

The inwales are slightly more complicated. Made out of much lighter pieces of lumber they will run inside the boat from the breasthook all the way to the transom. We need to transfer a series of angles and measurements in order to get the fit close and then use a final saw-fit cut to make the piece fit tightly into position. The inwales are then secured to the boat with rivets that go directly through the guards and each frame.

Watch today’s video here:

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Can I use epoxy primer thinner 200 with Topside primer?

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