Narwhal Labs: Casting a McRib in Epoxy Resin

Things are never as you might expect when you peek behind the doors of Narwhal Labs, the makerspace that lives inside the TotalBoat HQ. The team there is on a constant search for the ultimate build that will break boundaries, crush the internet and challenge their team’s skill set. Videographer and maker, “Graz,” is always hungry for lunch, so the team knew when he got excited for the limited appearance of his favorite fast-food sandwich, that they had to devise a way to extend that joy throughout more than just a few weeks or months of McRib joy. Casting the delicious (debatable, yes) McRib in a brick of TotalBoat Thickset Epoxy Resin was sure to not only prolong the experience for Graz but make for some tasty, if not entertaining footage of the trials of making this somewhat unusual epoxy casting actually work.  With a dose of Graz’s signature wit and a side of beard hairs and barbeque sauce, the team brought this crazy idea to life in the shape of a full-sized McRib that will live long enough to become a family heirloom for the Graziano’s. 

Dive into today’s wacky video from Narwhal Labs and be sure to follow along on their crazy journey of making, testing, laughing, and sharing the whole experience along the way. Subscribe to the Narwhal Labs YouTube channel, Instagram and enter to win the McRib for yourself (don’t worry Graz made another for himself)

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