Meet Sailing Magic Carpet: A Refit to Take on The World

Meet Maya and Aladino! This dynamic duo has been filming and documenting all of their sailing adventures and boat restorations on their YouTube Channel, Sailing Magic Carpet! In today’s video, the sailing couple uses 2 Part Epoxy Primer to put a bomb-proof first coat on the interior of their sailboat, and we get the feeling they may have done this before on a few other boats. Check out the video of the week with this industrious sailing duo.

Maya met Aladino back in 2017 while he was restoring their first boat, Magic Carpet; a 28ft Vindo sailboat. They launched her just a few days after they got married and began their travels around the Mediterranean, through Europe, and up to the Netherlands. While Magic Carpet awaits them in the Netherlands as their primary residence, they purchased a new sailboat, a Cape George 36, Magic Carpet II, here in the US and have started a huge refit project! They are restoring Magic Carpet II to get her ready for an around-the-world voyage. They have three months here in the US to make the most of each day and get a good portion of the boat work finished.

In this week’s episode, Maya and Aladino get started with applying the first coats of paint to the interior of the boat. They are going in with our 2 Part Epoxy Primer to prime the parts for the V-berth and chain locker. This epoxy primer dries quickly for fast overcoating, is easy to sand, and will provide them with excellent adhesion and gloss retention for the topcoat. As Maya applies two coats to the parts of the V-berth with a natural bristle chip brush, Aladino does some “boat yoga” as he climbs into the chain locker to get the first coats of primer on!

Their future plans and dreams revolve around this restoration, leading them one step closer to their adventures on the open ocean. Be sure to subscribe to Sailing Magic Carpet so you can follow along with this huge refit! Thanks for watching!

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