Meet MJ Sailing: Barrier Coating and Boat Building

Matt and Jessica Johnson of MJ Sailing on YouTube, started their adventure in 2008 when they purchased their first boat, a 1998 Hunter 240. With no sailing experience, they participated in a sailing class before purchasing the boat to make sure they were serious about this next stage in their lives. A few boats and many islands later, they decided to purchase a 1983 Trisalu 37, a custom aluminum boat that they refit, cruised to the Abacos, Antigua, Ireland, and beyond, and then sold for a price that they couldn’t turn down as they save and build their dreamboat, a Max Cruise 42 Catamaran.

However, the adventure really just starts there. In today’s video, the Johnsons are working hard building their catamaran, installing bulkheads, and getting a first feel for the main salon open space they are about to gift themselves. Simultaneously, they now have to get to work on the Pacemaker powerboat they just bought to live aboard, keeping them close to the catamaran build so they can keep the momentum going. The boat has been neglected for a while, so a good cleaning is needed, as well as a proper barrier coat job on the boat’s bottom with Total Protect which will perfectly prepare her for some Spartan Antifouling Bottom Paint.

TotalBoat is having a blast helping boaters like the Johnsons who are turning their cruising and boating dreams into a lifestyle that has us all dreaming and living vicariously through their adventures and travels. For this stage of the boat work, we’re happy to be providing them with products that are easier to use and come with world-class tech support. Couples like Matt and Jessica are great examples of boaters who have lots of experience and have taken boatbuilding literally into their own hands. With products and support from TotalBoat along the way, it’s no wonder couples like the Johnsons are making adventurous life choices, many of which involve a lot of hard work and sweat equity to get to where they are realizing their cruising dreams. Click below for today’s video of the week and enjoy watching someone else do the dirty work under (and inside) the boat!

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