Louis Sauzedde Shows Us How to Make a Good Set of Saw Horses

After building the TotalBoat Sport Dory, Lou took some time off to find a new shop and reinvigorate the Tips from a Shipwright video plan. The YouTube channel, with over 140,000 subscribers, has obviously hit home with many of you. And like you, we were excited to see that Lou is back at it making videos about how we can build boats and work in our shops a bit smarter. Tips from a Shipwright has always been a great source for handy shortcuts or tricks that make boat building or maintenance much easier. We are thrilled that Lou will be building another v-bottom boat, but as he plans that project he is making more straight-up “tips” videos like this one which shows Lou making his most handy shop tool, the beloved saw horses. Have a look!

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What has happened to Lou? Is he okay? He was recreating Orca then ….. nothing ….from anyone!

Thomas Dengler

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