Louis Sauzedde’s V-Bottom Skiff: Time for Fairing

Lou’s boat shop is back up and running with the V-bottom skiff and it’s time to crank out the filling and fairing. Lou loves using our TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound to smooth out the fiberglass weave that the 1708 left behind, and make it as smooth as possible so that he isn’t left with a ton of sanding. Even with Lou’s fantastic invention – a new kind of dustless suction system for his shop vac – he, like most of us, doesn’t want to spend too much time with the sander. A smooth application of the TotalFair is key to not having mountains of hard fairing compound to sand down and using his plastic spreader, Lou is all about making it seriously smooth.

Tune into the Video of the Week with Louis Sauzedde and his Tips from a Shipwright YouTube series. There are always some novel tips to be found when you follow Lou on his boat-building escapades. Enjoy.

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