Helping You Succeed When Using TotalBoat Epoxy Products

Have you noticed the soft, witty voice behind our product descriptions? We’re guessing not. But we think that it’s worth pointing out to you because our product description writer, Annette, works hard to make them not only as informative as possible, but also as entertaining as possible. The mission of Jamestown Distributors and TotalBoat has always been to arm our customers with as much information and assistance as possible to help you get your complicated projects completed – correctly!

We try to give you all the resources possible to succeed with our products – from How-To videos, to entire boatbuilding series with Louis Sauzedde, to how-to articles and basic info for application and compatibility. And we serve it up right on each product page. These product pages are constructed by Annette to help you to understand the nuances of the product you’re buying – what the do’s and don’ts are for each product and how to avoid common pitfall and application errors. 95% of the time a poor outcome with a product has to do with mistakes with the preparation or application. Annette knows this and researches all of the competing brands, the best uses and misuses and she serves them up to you on our page with a healthy dose of wit, comedy and clarity.

Our favorite product description is Annette’s Keelhauler Bottom Paint copy. You can get a complete understanding of the life cycle of a barnacle just from reading her product info about Keelhauler. And it’s relevant because if you’ve ever spent the fall post-haul-out time scraping and chiseling barnacles off your boat’s bottom, then you’re probably looking for the best bottom paint to deter these beasts from ever growing in the first place.

We don’t want to tell you what to do, but customers count on us to answer questions about marine products that could easily be classified as “finicky.”  With our live, human-staffed call center and Tech Hotline, mixed with Annette who is in the workshop using the products and talking to the call center about common questions and fumbles, we are able to provide the most comprehensive support network of any marine or woodworking supply business. And we pride ourselves on the response we get from our customers once they conquer, succeed and revel in a job well done. And to Annette, job VERY well done on your entertaining product copy.  A “barnacle on twitter….” the image it creates is priceless. Just as a perfect paint job, layup or varnish job is priceless. And that’s our goal; Success for a well educated customer.

Once again, you’re welcome!

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