Getting Hyped For Lou’s Biggest Project to Date!

Spend the summer binging on your favorite shipwright, Lou Sauzedde’s, former boat builds and get hyped up for the next big one:  The ORCA replica!  This week we are sharing Lou’s previous wooden boat builds:  The TotalBoat Work Skiff and the TotalBoat Sport Dory!

You can always count on the one and only Lou Sauzedde from Tips from a Shipwright for an open source of high quality videos for classic wooden boat builders and sailing enthusiasts.  And, if you have been following Lou’s channel over the years, you may already know about his next project- building ORCA!  Orca is going to be his biggest project yet.  Lou has started the build of a full size replica of the boat, Orca, from the movie JAWS.  The entire construction will be filmed and shown in his weekly video series.  The boat that was used for Orca in the film was originally a NOVI or Nova Scotia lobster boat, a boat that Lou has always been interested in building!  This build is really going to be something you won’t want to miss as Lou will continue to share his innovative tips and tricks with us along the way.  But while we wait, binge watch some of Lou’s previous builds below with us! 

The first one was the TotalBoat Work Skiff!  Lou is all about getting his hands dirty and jumping into the job.  After watching this series, you will be able to build your own work skiff in your garage or driveway!  Lou used TotalBoat products, fasteners and other supplies from Jamestown Distributors.  Follow along this series as he shows you how to build a work skiff that’s perfect for work or play!  It’s a basic, useful workhorse of a boat and we welcome you aboard! 

The next series of Lou’s was the TotalBoat Sport Dory!   In this series, he shows how to build an ideal 14’ wooden sailing Dory, while incorporating his newest ideas and concepts for the unique build.  This dory not only has the abilities and tools needed to function and navigate well under sail, but is also trimmed as a rowing dory, and has the ability to accommodate a small gas or electrical motor! Lou completes these builds with a wide variety of TotalBoat products from High Performance Epoxy, TotalFair Fairing Compound, Spartan Bottom Paint, Wet Edge Topside Paint, Gleam Varnish, and much more! 

We hope these playlists hold you over and get you excited as we await the upcoming ORCA build! Be sure to subscribe to Lou’s channel so you don’t miss any videos! And as always, thank you for watching!  Enjoy!

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