Fiberglassing Lou Sauzedde’s V-Bottom Skiff

Our favorite shipwright, Louis Sauzedde, is hard at work on the V-Bottom skiff that he’s building on his Tips From A Shipwright YouTube channel. He’s got a team of helpers lined up to expedite the fiberglassing of the bottom. He needs to make sure he’s got well-saturated cloth and epoxy that is not kicking on him as he tries to wet out his 1708 cloth that is thick and difficult to soak. Using our High Performance Epoxy with Slow hardener will extend his epoxy’s working time, but he still needs to be deliberate and work quickly.  Lou and the team are also working hard on the corners where it’s difficult to get a good bond on both sides of the chine. To work around this, Lou decided to nail down some battens with plastic in between them to pull the fiberglass down tight around that edge and keep air from getting under those important corners. Tune in with Lou and the crew for today’s video of the week.

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