Fairing Compounds: Epoxy vs. Polyester as Explained by MJ Sailing

Matt and Jessica of the YouTube channel MJ Sailing have been living their dream of sailing the world over the past 9 years and have been documenting it along the way on their YouTube Channel. After circumnavigating the North Atlantic in their last boat, a 1989 Sabre Targa 34, they took on a 2-year complete refit of a custom aluminum 37′ Monohull. They sailed her to the Arctic before they sold that boat and are now tackling their newest project: Building a 42ft Catamaran from the ground up!

They have been working hard on this build for the past year, and in this week’s video, Matt and Jessica each tackle a fairing job on the catamaran, but in different ways! Matt will be working with our TotalFair Epoxy Fairing Compound, while Jessica will be using our Polyester Fairing Compound. Here is why:

Back in the fall, Matt started building the structure of the water tanks, and in this week’s video, he revisits the project to fair the inside of the tanks. While most of the interior of the boat is done with Polyester, Matt decided to go with the Epoxy Fairing Compound. The main reason is that it is the inside of the water tanks and they will want them to be as watertight as possible. He also enjoys the fact that it is easy to see when the TotalFair is mixed and ready to use as the epoxy resin is blue and the hardener is yellow. Wearing proper PPE, Matt mixes them together until it reaches a uniform green colored paste!

While Matt finishes up the tanks, Jessica is down in the guest berth where she fairs the inside the cabinets that will be their pantry. Jessica decides to go with our Polyester Fairing Compound, which is what they have used through most of the interior of the boat. It is a lightweight, 2-Part compound that is great for this project as it is above the water line, sets up quickly, and sands easily. Because of its fast cure, Jessica mixes up 4oz at a time to get all the seams faired and smoothed.

Fairing is a job that both Matt and Jessica have not done in many years, so as with anything, this has been a learning process for both of them as you can see in the video. Feel free to share with them your techniques and tips on fairing. With all the fairing and sanding they have ahead of them, they will be pros in no time! Be sure to follow MJ Sailing’s channel to see their dreamboat come together! Thanks for watching!

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