Fairing and Sanding the MV Dauntless

Welcome to another couple building a boat for the cameras and for all of us on YouTube. Building MV Dauntless is the 2-man team of Cassie and Carl, who are brand new boat builders from North Smithfield, RI. They are currently building a 25’ power catamaran designed by Spirited Designs, based in Australia. They have zero boat-building experience but are learning along the way with a lot of help from our TotalBoat tech team, and from other YouTubers doing the same thing. They are building their catamaran using mostly TotalBoat supplies, including High Performance Epoxy Resin and TotalFair fairing compound. So far, they have completed taping the seams and fiberglassing the hull. That puts them in the familiar place of filling and fairing the fiberglass weave to a smooth finish that will more readily accept paint.  They have covered and sanded the entire boat a few times, filling in any lows before sanding again. It’s a sea of TotalFair green in the Dauntless boat shop so step inside and check out the very beginnings of what is sure to be a fun channel to follow.

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