Epoxy 101 with Boatworks Today

Is there ever enough information to have in our knowledge bank about using epoxy resin? Those of us who use it often would likely tell you that we are always learning new things about it – and ways to use it smarter or control it better. It’s really all about controlling the exotherm – which you oddly want and don’t want.  The exothermic reaction makes epoxy work – and also can make your project a big mess. Using the right epoxy, as Andy explains in this video, has a lot to do with your location and even the weather and then yes, of course the project as well.

TotalBoat makes many epoxy systems these days so certainly you first need to know which system is right for you and your project.  Then, controlling your climate, using the right product right down to the hardener, and understanding your working time will all affect your success. Andy goes over our most popular line of epoxy – the High Performance 2:1 Epoxy with 3 hardener speeds to adjust to your every project. The Slow hardener is clear and gives you time to do lots of the popular resin art and river table techniques. The medium is a perfect hardener for boatbuilding of all types, and the fast hardener should be used wisely and quickly and is great for many applications, like sealing and quick layups.

Tune in and hear from the master about the most important things you really need to understand about using epoxy. His hardener test is super helpful and will hopefully steer you right when you pick your hardener speed and your entire epoxy system. Thanks to Andy Miller of Boatworks Today for this great epoxy 101 video. Enjoy!

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