Envy 2-Part Clear Varnish: A Durable Coating for your Brightwork

Keeping your brightwork looking great is a chore that requires constant upkeep. With varnishes, most people expect to apply seasonal coats to keep the varnish looking good and doing the work of protecting your wood from sun, salt and general abuse.  But if you have never used a 2-Part varnish on your brightwork, then we have a great solution that requires less work while offering more protection for your wood surfaces.

TotalBoat Envy 2-Part clear varnish system brings a truly modern approach to brightwork. Its high-solids formula features superior UV, abrasion, and chemical resistance for an ultra clear, flexible finish that lasts 5 times longer than conventional varnishes – and this equals less maintenance and more time on the water. And who doesn’t want that?

With exceptional self-leveling properties and little or no sanding between coats, you will notice professional results whether you apply by spray, brush, or roller. Envy 2-Part clear varnish works great on bare wood, as well as over other 2-part varnishes. Available in High Gloss and Satin, it’s a great solution for high traffic areas, like the seats on this sailboat – or perhaps on your varnished front door, which most likely gets plenty of use. Running boards, coamings and more – all of them are begging for more time in use and less time being maintained. Check out Envy!

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