Doing It Right The Second Time, for the Last Time

Meet Sailing Soulianis, another lucky couple making their way around the world on their boat. filming it all for us and YouTube. Kirk and Lauren are moving back aboard their 1979 Tartan 37, Soulianis, with a new crew member, their baby daughter, Renata. Before they head back out onto the boat, they are taking a bit more time in the boatyard to fix some nagging issues that need attention before casting off again with this new precious cargo aboard. Kirk has decided to redo a previous repair job around a leaky dorade which has now migrated to other areas of the headliner down below. Before they have a [bigger] rotten, stinky, and giant mess on their hands, Kirk is taking the time to do the repair again but this time from a different angle of attack. Kirk is hoping the Penetrating Epoxy will behave like the water that is plaguing them, find the leaks and plug those spots. Similar in thinness, Kirk knows the epoxy will travel in similar directions and show him where the leaks originate, and then it will cure up (and heat up in the process) and seal up those leaky areas for good.

This new repair means tearing up an older repair to the dorade box by cutting open the deck, ripping out the balsa core all the way to the cabin house roof, and rebuilding with fiberglass, filler and gelcoat. The leak persisted. So this seemed like the right time to rethink and re-attack the area with a new plan. Check out the repair job that will set them straight as they set sail for more adventures at sea aboard Soulanis. Their channel is full of more cruising adventures and of course, plenty of repair and maintenance videos, so check them out and subscribe to keep up with their travels. Enjoy.

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