Coronet Yacht Restoration | Using Thixo 2:1 Epoxy to Attach Ceiling Planks

The Coronet is a mighty schooner with an impressive history and an important place in American History as part of the Gilded Age. She is called “America’s Most Historic Yacht,” and for this reason she was saved from her demise and a full and massive restoration is underway at the International Yacht Restoration School.

Coronet was first launched in 1885, and was one of the most elegant sailing yachts of her day.  She was designed for crossing the ocean in style, and featured a marble staircase, stained glass doors, mahogany paneled staterooms, and a piano in the main salon.

Since 1995, Coronet has been on the campus of the International Yacht Restoration School, awaiting restoration.  Coronet Restoration Partners purchased her in 2006, and restoration has now begun in earnest.

You can follow Coronet’s team of shipwrights on their blog as they bring this classic boat back to her former glory.  In the blog they do a great job to cover it all, from harvesting the timber, to restoring the original interior.  If you are a builder, a hobbyist, a historian, or just enamored with classic boats, we think you’ll enjoy watching this beautiful vessel come back to life.

We are beyond proud that TotalBoat products are a part of this massive and important undertaking. Hundreds of cases of TotalBoat Thixo PRO 2:1 Epoxy System has been used for attaching the ceiling planks to the hull’s interior. The easily mixed and dispensed tubes of thickened epoxy have saved the team months of time that would have been “wasted” mixing epoxy over and over again. The PRO sized cartridges and guns got the shipwrights further than our smaller sized Thixo tubes, and the mess-free, easy application greatly sped up months and months of “gluing” on this project.

When a team of shipwrights working on one of the most important restorations in America, trust and use the TotalBoat brand, we want you to know because we know it speaks volumes for our progress and for our product.

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