Check Out These Talented Boatbuilders on YouTube

As we await Lou’s return to the TotalBoat Sport Dory series (he’ll be back – we promise!), we have been enjoying finding, watching and promoting the fine boatbuilding skills and accomplishments of others who endeavor to also build a great boat in front of cameras for the internet! There are plenty of boatbuilders out there who apparently have the time and skills to turn the cameras on themselves and explain the process, and even the screw-ups, of their massive undertakings. 

Today we revisit our few new favorites, like Acorn to Arabella who has just poured their lead keel for Arabella, and the SeaDreamer Project, who is also hard at work on the keel timbers, the rabbet and the stations. Leo Goolden is rescuing a 1910  Gaff Cutter, Tally Ho, and then we are introducing you to another Boatbuilding YouTuber who is farther along than the “Acorns,” Tally Ho, and the SeaDreamer with their build, possibly because it’s much less boat to build in size and features.

But JoshuaBurks Glen-L Zip is perhaps a bit more of a realistic build for the “rest of us” who might not need an ocean-crossing live-aboard boat. the Glen-L Zip is a 14″ runabout that is a plywood build with classic features and a sweet look for a little wooden boat. Dive into these 3 video series and enjoy being an Armchair Boatbuilder as we watch these amazing undertakings come to life before our screens and eyes.

Check these motivated builders out and throw them a like and a share and then subscribe to their channel to keep up to date with all their progress. And of course we’ll keep you updated here, too! Enjoy!

The GLEN-L ZIP will look something like this upon completion!

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