Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: TotalFair for the Fasteners

Louis Sauzedde worked hard to put the fasteners for the TotalBoat work skiff in just the right location, and at just the right depth. And now to prepare for painting the bottom and the topsides, he needs to fill every one of the screw holes so they disappear underneath the paint job that is about to follow. Using our 2-part epoxy fairing compound, Lou pushes just the right amount of TotalFair into every spot, with a special technique to be certain that he is filling every void left by the fasteners.

Mixing and preparing the 2-part epoxy fairing compound is easy because, as Lou shows us, the one-to-one mixture turns green once the blue and yellow parts are equally combined.  With a push and bump of Lou’s scraper, the holes disappear and a few short hours later the filler can be scraped and sanded.

We can’t wait to show you what comes next as the paints begin to be applied to the boat’s bottom. Have questions for Lou about the process, or comments about his tips and techniques? Leave Lou love notes below in the comments and we will forward them on for some answers. And be sure to share with your friends. Lou, the video team and your TotalBoat pals appreciate all the love for this series.

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