Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Ripping the Runners

Episode 21 finds Master Shipwright, Louis Sauzedde, with the perfect plank he needs to construct the runners he will be attaching to the bottom of the TotalBoat Work Skiff. Lou explains the reason a flat bottomed skiff like this one requires runners in a few specific places along the bottom.  Runners will prevent the boat from twisting and yawing, especially in a following sea where flat bottom skiffs like to spin out.

Lou is close to being able to flip the boat over, but he wants to have the bottom mostly completed before he can turn it. Once the skiff is flipped, Lou gets serious about installing the breast hook, knees and gunnel caps. There is plenty to be done before we get there, but as usual, Lou has his ways and is methodical about how he goes about getting his skiff pieces planned and assembled. But the enjoyment for most of our viewers comes with the little tricks and “old man methods” that Lou introduces to us, in places we might not expect, and in situations which typically stump us mid-build.

Dive into Episode 21 and comment or ask your questions below. We pass them along to Lou and get them answered as best we can. And we appreciate all the shares and likes you give Lou and these videos. It helps us know we are feeding you the right content.

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