Building the TotalBoat Work Skiff: Drilling & Transom Knees

It’s not over yet! Lou has to attach the knee to keep the transom boards from warping or twisting – especially with the weight of the outboard engine that will hang off the back. Lou masterfully cuts another beautiful slab into a refined looking knee and drills holes for bolting in the already installed quarter knees. With more tips to share and an affinity for special little jigs, Lou exhibits exactly what everyone has come to love about him in this one episode: his unique techniques and tools and his ability to nail his measurements and holes every time. And usually Lou works in a “tool” like a piano hinge or some foreign [straight] object not meant for the job – but certainly up to the task.  Just like Lou who was quite up for the task of building the ultimate work skiff. That is – if the new owner dare to perform any “work” on this showpiece.

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