Building the TotalBoat Sport Dory – Topside Paint

The TotalBoat Sport Dory is very close to completion and after today’s video, it looks ready to row!  Louis sanded down the 2-Part Epoxy Primer and is now ready to apply a thinned coat of TotalBoat Wet Edge Topside Paint.

The secret is finding the right consistency for your project so that the paint flows smoothly onto the surface. It also gives the paint a longer working time which gives you more time to tip the paint out and enhance the finish quality and extend the service life of the coating.

Because the Wet Edge paint lays down flat after application you can roll, brush or spray it. In this case, we’re just going to brush it because we don’t have a large surface area and the laps between each plank may cause the roller to pool up paint and not reach into the corners.

We’re painting one plank at a time, bow to stern. Once we have enough paint on the plank we tip the paint from the wet edge onto the new paint. This minimizes any brush strokes and allows the Wet Edge to lay down flat on its own. You can see the transformation from the matte primer to the smooth and glossy Wet Edge, it really brings the lines of the boat to life. We will most likely apply a second coat once the first coat dries and we are able to sand it.

This will make sure we have complete coverage and our Sport Dory will shine white when she hits the water. Stay tuned for more next week when we flip our Dory back over and get started with some varnish!

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