Building The TotalBoat Sport Dory: Episode 9 – Routing Frames

Louis is back and he’s ready to get to work! With our jig complete, it’s time to start building the TotalBoat Sport Dory. Lou starts by planing down the edge of the first layer of cedar bottom.  Using an electric plane and then a block plane, Lou continues the progressive bevel from the mold up through the first layer of bottom. He then quickly touches up the sharp edge with a rabbit plane.

Next, Lou shows us how he divides up the spacing for the boat’s frames. Each frame will be just over 9 inches apart. Once he has established where each frame will go, Lou sets up another jig that will guide the router bit to cut slots in the mold and bottom layer to accept the poly frames.

Follow along as Lou gets closer to planking and the dory starts looking more like a boat than a bunch of wood waiting for direction. Catch up on all of the past 8 episodes with our playlist. Enjoy!

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