Building a Fleet with Louis Sauzedde

Lou always seems to have a few projects happening at once and we’re thrilled to be a part of all of them. From the first lines drawn for the TotalBoat Work Skiff to the current build of Lou’s V-Bottom Skiff – TotalBoat is an integral part of Lou’s boat shops and of his future plans and as such, seeing these three boats we’ve built together lined up alongside each other is a total joy for us.

As he built the skiff, people asked for a V-bottomed version. But Lou had his sights on a rowboat and built the TotalBoat Sport Dory. The V-bottom skiff was an idea he knew he had to bring to fruition. Lou is also busy building the beautiful Alden Schooner, Evelyn for his Bristol Shipwrights channel where we met up to film the Tips That Stick video with Lou. Even beyond these projects awaits Lou’s biggest undertaking, already in the planning; a replica of Orca from JAWS.  Stick around with us here as we bring Lou’s entire fleet to life with epoxy, fiberglass, and lots of videos about how he gets it all done!

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