Bottom Painting Tula’s Trawler

In today’s featured video, we continue to follow Tula’s Endless Summer as they transform a $100 DeFever Trawler into a comfortable live-aboard yacht! She is starting to look mighty fine as the bottom gets a fresh coat of Spartan Antifouling Paint!

Billy and Sierra, of YouTube channel Tula’s Endless Summer, have been hard at work for the past eight months transforming their 1978 43’ DeFever Trawler, Mountain Myst.  In this week’s video, they are making HUGE progress, cleaning and repainting the running gear as well as priming and painting the bottom! Billy starts off by scraping and stripping all the growth and old paint off the running gear.  Next, he applies a coat of TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer followed by our Outdrive AF Antifouling Paint. Outdrive AF also comes in an aerosol can that he uses for smaller areas and thru hulls.   It is so fulfilling to see the transformation as the running gear is now looking good as new! 

Next, they move on one of the biggest transformations of this refit to date- painting the bottom! After grinding out all the blisters, Billy fairs the area with TotalFair Fairing Compound.  Once that is cured, he spot primes the area with the TotalProtect.  Billy and Sierra get to work on the bottom.  They go in with our Spartan Antifouling Paint in Green for the ultimate multi-season protection! Once the bottom is finished, comes arguably one of the most satisfying parts of this process – removing the tape from the boot stripe, revealing the crisp clean line of the freshly painted bottom! 

What do you think of their transformation so far? Let Billy and Sierra know below! And, if you have missed any of their $10 boat refit series, be sure to subscribe to Tula’s Endless Summer YouTube channel and get caught up to see what Mountain Mist looked like before all of their blood, sweat and tears went into this refit! Thanks for watching!

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