BOO! Halloween Resin Ghosts – Make at Home

Have you been envying the spooky Halloween decorations that are homemade and not Dollar Store variety? Are your resins collecting dust under your workbench or in your boat shop, waiting for the next big project?  We thought it would be fun to share this recent video from YouTubing Epoxy Master, Peter Brown, which might inspire you to break out your own stash of resin and try some crafting for the upcoming holiday.

Peter knows a thing or two about epoxy and he loves to do wacky things using our High Performance 2:1 Epoxy because of its low VOC, it’s super clear and it doesn’t blush – and anyone who has scrubbed amine blush off a cured coat of epoxy understands how nice it would be to use epoxy and not worry about blush.   These little ghosts look pretty cool once Peter illuminates them – a certain spooky treat for your porch or entry on Halloween. So put down the paper mache, let the boat building project wait and try some resin art. If you don’t have cool pigments at home, as Peter does, you can always reach for some household items to tint your resin. Watch Peter’s recent video where he does just that and it works like a champ – well, maybe not the Cheetos!  You’ll have to watch to believe – but first, check out Peter’s resin ghosts!

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