Bob Emser Transforms Victoria with a Removable Sole

In today’s featured video, we embark on a visual journey as Bob Emser, from The Art of Boat Building, meticulously brings Victoria's interior to life by finishing the fiberglass, fairing and painting, along with constructing a one-of-a-kind removable sole. Join us as we witness some of the final touches before this boat sets sail alongside her mothership, Arabella, in just a week's time.

After diligently sanding and giving the inside of the hull a thorough vacuuming, Bob applies a layer of TotalFair Fairing Compound to ensure a smooth finish. Once the fairing compound was cured for several days, he went in with an oscillating sander to prep for fiberglassing. After laying out the fiberglass cloth, he wets it out with three coats of High Performance Epoxy.  Bob imparts valuable tips and tricks to help viewers achieve the perfect finish as he guides us through his fiberglassing process.

Bob's attention to detail extends beyond the hull, as he also fabricates a removable sole for the dinghy. Using recycled white cedar planks sourced from the original 100+ year old boat "Victoria," he crafts floor timbers and a sole that perfectly fit the dinghy's dimensions. Employing a clever use of a French door latch, Bob ingeniously creates a mechanism that allows for easy removal of the sole, simplifying the cleaning process. To preserve the natural beauty of the white cedar, he applied Danish Teak Sealer, providing both aesthetic appeal and a natural non-skid surface when wet.

With the sole successfully fitted, Bob focuses on finishing the interior of the hull. He begins by applying an epoxy fillet at each bulkhead, ensuring a strong and secure connection. Following some light sanding, Bob applies the final coats of Lust Marine Varnish to the mahogany bulkheads, highlighting their elegant and timeless appearance. Prior to applying the topcoat of TotalBilge Epoxy Paint, he applied two coats of TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer to enhance the hull's protection. Bob's attention to detail and expertise shines through as he shares his application techniques, aiming for a flawless finish.

With each passing day, the boat looks more like a finished masterpiece, heightening anticipation for the impending launch. Be sure to follow Bob’s channel to see the final upcoming episodes of this wonderful build. Additionally, we invite you to explore the channel, Acorn to Arabella, where the team is preparing for the launch of Victoria's mothership, Arabella, on June 17, 2023, at Mattapoisett's Shipyard Park in Mattapoisett, MA. Thanks for watching.

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