Boatworks Today: Replacing The Transom on a Boston Whaler

Andy Miller from Boatworks Today YouTube show always makes boat repairs look easy and straightforward. But as boat owners, we know otherwise. You can count on Andy to show you a few shortcuts to simplify complicated jobs, like this transom replacement on a 25-foot Boston Whaler. With the right tools, a good plan and proper materials you can conquer important (and fairly common) boat repairs like a rotten transom. Save time and headaches by following along with Andy’s video and leaning on support from the TotalBoat Tech team who is available to guide you through tough projects and answer hard questions 6 days a week! 

Using a pattern, some plywood and buckets of thickened epoxy, Andy shows us the right way to perfectly replace a rotten core as he expertly measures and fits new pieces for the back of the boat.

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