Boatworks Today: How to Prepare for a Fiberglass Repair Job

Andy Miller is beginning to work on a fiberglass sailboat in need of many different repairs, from filling pinholes to repairing crazing and actual holes in the boat. The most important step is to determine your end finish. Finishing with gelcoat will have a process that is different to that of using paint for your topcoat. Andy’s advice is helpful for understanding how to proceed with complicated repairs without wasting time using the wrong product. To all the customers wondering when to use certain fiberglasses and resins – this video is for you!

With so many options for repairing fiberglass, it gets very complicated, and it’s important to get every step right for ultimate success. Andy demystifies how to determine which resin to use and how to go through the steps ahead to make sure you have prepared yourself for what lies ahead. Older, used boats can be solid and seaworthy, but often problems are hidden below layers of paint and old repairs. Don’t despair, plan ahead, and get the right tools and products ready because mistakes hurt!  Have you had confusion when repairing fiberglass? Share your tips with us in the comments below.  We can all help each other do better boat work. Enjoy!

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