Boatworks Today: Fairing for Gelcoat Repairs

Andy Miller hopes that every boat will be in top shape for launching this season. Perhaps, like many of us, you have found yourself with some extra time to dedicate to spring prep this season, maybe even some time to address nagging issues that are begging for repair. One such repair that many boaters battle is dings, chips and holes in the gelcoat. When you want to easily repair those unsightly scars, there are a lot of options for repair. Andy helps straighten out the best option for going from filling and fairing straight to gelcoat repairs using our TotalBoat Polyester Fairing Compound. Andy suggests using our TotalBoat Polyester Fairing Compound when doing repairs above the waterline, and if you are looking to finish that repair using gelcoat, which is a polyester base material that is best applied over the top of another polyester or vinyl ester base material.

Andy has previously demonstrated the structural repair putty by TotalBoat, which is best used for filling in old screw holes, bolt holes and chips and dings, as well as creating fillers. Because it has glass fibers mixed in with it, when it cures it’s rock hard, and because it’s a hard compound when it’s cured it’s not the easiest material to sand in order to get a clean feathered edge. Because of that, TotalBoat came up with Polyester Fairing Compound.

Check out today’s video about fairing for gelcoat repairs from Andy Miller and Boatworks Today.

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