Boat Painting with Lou Sauzedde!

In today’s featured video, Tips From a Shipwright’s Lou Sauzedde, is putting the finishing touches on his V-Bottom Skiff Build.  He applies the final coats of Wet Edge Topside Paint and Spartan Antifouling Paint and we get to see the Skiff leaving his shop!

We have been following Lou on this journey that he has documented in over 40 videos of this intricate V-Bottom Skiff build and in today’s video, we get to see the hard work paying off as he loads it on the trailer and it goes out the door!  But first, Lou had to put the final coats of paint on her.  

He starts off by masking off the bottom of the boat, then begins at the transom with the paint.  He is using our Wet Edge Topside Paint in White with a roller, while sharing his application tips along the way.   This paint is a high gloss, marine paint with advanced UV stabilizers to ensure a long-lasting finish that won’t fade.  Its combination of gloss, easy application, and durability is unmatched!  The white looks so classy having the contrast of the bright white with the Lust and Gleam varnishes, and red bottom.  Once the topside paint is dry, Lou carefully tapes above the waterline on the white to prep for the bottom painting.  He is using Spartan Anti-Fouling Paint in Red.  Once he applies the final coat, he removes the blue tape for a satisfying, crisp reveal!  

And just like that, the build is complete!  It is so fulfilling to see Lou load the boat on the trailer and leave the shop.  The boat is headed to the outboard motor shop to have the engine mounted on the transom, then the next time we see the V-Bottom Skiff will be out on the water!  Be sure to follow Lou’s YouTube Channel so you don’t miss seeing them chase some waves before it is delivered to its new home in 10,000 Lakes in Minnesota! Thanks for watching!

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Beautiful boat!! What type of roller/brand did you use with the wet edge topside paint? Thank you

John Walsh

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