Annapolis Boat Show Welcomes Cruising YouTubers

If you find yourself near Annapolis and the United States Sailboat Show next weekend, be sure to locate the YouTuber booth which will be featuring meet and greets with some of the most popular sailing YouTube channels around right now. Many of the sailors will be stopping through the show with their boats, and others are here from harbors farther away, like SV Delos whose boat is now in Panama waiting for their return. Many of our cruising friends will be at the booth over the course of the boat show, with MJ Sailing, Sailing Doodles, Expedition Evans, and Sailing the Far Side among the list of visitors. Cruising patron saint, Jeff Bach, is a local to Annapolis and is a mega-fan of the channels. Bach has helped many of the cruisers on their way south in the past and is helping to facilitate this booth and boat show presence for the traveling sailors.

Get your boat show tickets and come meet some of your favorite sailing channel stars in person. TotalBoat has jumped in to sponsor their booth, and support their meet and greet and merch sales. We’re working with as many of these sailors as possible to help facilitate boat repair and maintenance with product supply and support. We’re living vicariously through their channels and travels and can’t help but want to help with their boat work. See you in Annapolis!

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