Acorn to Arabella: Making Headway

Arabella, the Atkins ketch being constructed in the backyard boat shop of Steve Denette’s Massachusetts property, is looking more like a yacht and less like a woodworking project. With the mock-up cabin house installed, she looks nearly seaworthy, were it not for her lack of a deck and most of her upper planking.  Letting nothing stop or slow them down, except for a few side trips to stay sane, the duo has used all their available time to complete smaller tasks that will keep the project moving along. Knees and beams are already varnished with Wood Sealer and Gleam, they’ve bedded down the bronze fasteners using Dolfinite and they’re ready for the sill that attaches the cabin sides. Smartly, they’re looking ahead to nights at anchor or tows and thinking hard about the attachment area for the bollard up forward. They’ve taught themself most of what they’ve accomplished, and they’ve gotten far on research, help, and advice from skilled friends, and certainly plenty of confidence in good basic woodworking skills that finds them with a nearly half-finished sailing yacht in their back yard.

Tune in and check out their impressive progress.

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