A Boat Painting Party with MJ Sailing!

We are back in the boat shop with Matt and Jessica, of YouTube channel MJ Sailing, for an exciting update! This sailing couple has been working hard for almost two years building a Max Cruise 42 Catamaran from the ground up!  In today’s featured video, they tackle many projects from fiberglassing to fairing, as well as priming the cabinets with our 2-Part Epoxy Primer!

Matt and Jessica gave up “The American Dream” ten years ago to fulfill their dreams of exploring the world.  After circumnavigating the North Atlantic in the last boat,  a 1989 Sabre Targa 34, they took on a 2-year complete refit of a custom aluminum 37′ Monohull.  They sailed her to the Arctic before they sold that boat and are now taking on their biggest project to date: Building a 42 ft Catamaran from the ground up!  

It has been about a year since Jessica started working on the forward cabinets in the guest berth, and this is the week she celebrates as she gets them primed!  But first, she needed to do a little touch up work, fairing and sanding the surface first.  While she waits for the fairing compound to cure, we take a look at what Matt is working on in the galley.  He is strengthening the counters with another layer of fiberglass and reinforces the edges with more Polyester Fairing Compound.  They have been using a lot of the fairing compound lately on various projects around that boat, which is great news because that means a lot more visible progress is starting to happen again for them! 

Back in the guest berth,  Jessica wipes the cabinet surfaces clean with our Dewaxer & Surface Prep before going in with the first coat of 2-Part High Build Epoxy Primer. She goes in with a regular 4 inch roller at first, but quickly learns to switch over to a solvent-resistant roller cover to get the best finish without the primer dissolving the cover.  Once it is cured, we get the first look at the freshly primed cabinets and celebrate with Matt and Jessica that this stage of the process is finally complete after starting it a year ago! 

Let them know what you think of the progress so far, and be sure to subscribe to their channel to watch the rest of their boat building adventure and dreams of sailing the world become a reality!  Thanks for watching! 


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