Meet The Winners of the TotalBoat Summer Photo Contest

Congratulations to the following winners of our Summer Photo Contest showcasing your projects that used our TotalBoat products. Again, it was difficult to choose only one of your submissions – but then we remembered – we write the rules – so why not pick 4 winners! And so we did. Each of the 4 winners showed us a unique project that caught our judge’s attention. We are thrilled to introduce you to our winners and their projects:

BEST PHOTO – Hey, we call it a photo contest so we better find a photo we like a lot. We fell for the lapstrake hull, the numerous ensigns and of course, the classic varnished older runabout.

Bob Rand’s 1963 Penn Yan Lapstrake runabout. Original owner. It has been painted many times over its 54 years, however the TotalBoat Topside Primer and Wet Edge Topside Paint with the Lust and Gleam Varnishes really make it shine. The boat currently sits on Long Pond in Lakeville, Massachusetts

BEST PROJECT: Taylor Williams is a 25 year old living in Texas. By day he is a home inspector, but his passion is wooden boats. He also works part time at a marina and owns a small side business building wooden boats and doing boat repair. Taylor’s current project is a small 9′ tugboat that he is am building for his nieces and nephews. It is a “Glen-L Tubby tug” that will be powered by a small inboard electric motor. Taylor is a huge fan of the TotalBoat product line. So far on this project he used TotalBoat TotalFair, TotalBoat 5:1 Traditional Epoxy, TotalBoat microballoons, TotalBoat silica thickener, and TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin

MOST TOTALBOAT USED: We were happy to declare this category a tie because we really couldn’t choose. And because we can!

Kyle Wiley’s entry is a 1974 Norton 19′ Lobster boat restoration to a Lobster/Family boat. Kyle used the TotalBoat products listed below, and has found them to be easy to use and durable.  Kyle lives in Yarmouthport, MA.

Products used:
Topside Primer
Thixo Epoxy Adhesive
Totalboat 5:1 Traditional Epoxy kits
Wet Edge Gloss White and Flag Blue
TotalTread White and Beige
Teak Sealer/Varnish Primer
Lust Marine Varnish



MOST TOTALBOAT USED: This i550 Sport boat was built by Noel E. Martin of New Bedford, MA using 90% Total Boat products. Noel found this great sporty sailboat to be just what he wanted to build with some boat building buddies. And we know a kit boat like this is always a great way to build a boat.

TotalBoat product list:
5:1 Epoxy
Penetrating epoxy
TotalBoat Lust
TotalBoat TotalFair
TotalBoat TotalTread
TotalBoat TotalProtect Primer
TotalBoat Thixo
TotalBoat Flexible epoxy

Noel E. Martin
New Bedford MA

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners who will each receive a $50 credit on their Jamestown Distributors account.  Thanks to all who entered and sent great projects and photos. We plan on using your images in upcoming catalogs and emails – so be on the lookout for your project to be featured!

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