Jenni Chapman: Ethereal Epoxy 'Water' Artist

In this Ambassador Spotlight edition, we delve into the mesmerizing world of epoxy art with the incredibly talented Jennifer Chapman, known to her admirers as @createdbyjenni on Instagram. Jennifer's artistic journey is a celebration of the oceanic realm, as she intricately creates stunning pieces of functional art. From enchanting clocks to captivating wall art and unique propagation holders, Jennifer's creations are a testament to her distinctive style that seamlessly blends the illusion of moving water, seashells, pebbles, waves, and the ethereal beauty of underwater landscapes.

‘I’ve always been a hands-on creative person. I think it started with helping my dad in the shed, he would love to fix and improve things. Art and graphic design were my favorite subjects at school. I went to college to study photography and loved every minute. I used a 1970’s camera and black and white film but my favorite part was in the dark room developing films and being experimental.

My family and I are originally from the UK. We moved to the USA in 2012, my children were 6 years old and 6 months old. While being a full-time parent at home I loved teaching my kids to be creative and we tried every hobby together. In 2015 we went to visit family in Australia, this is where I discovered resin art. I did months of research and made my first resin piece in 2016 and I have been hooked since.'



‘Over the years I’ve built a workshop with various power tools. This has opened up so many creative ideas in my head. I’m always looking at other people’s gorgeous nature photographs and this is one way I get inspired. I kept on seeing photographs of Lake McDonald, so I combined my love of nature photography and my woodworking skills and created a unique mountain and lake table. I used various types of grinders to carve and shape the mountains. I placed the mountain into a silicone mold and added two layers of resin. The first layer of resin had the stones for the lake bed, and the second layer was transparent turquoise for the water. I was super happy with the end result, as you can see the reflection of the mountain in the resin water.’

The whole family helped to build my workshop and resin room

‘Beach and ocean art are my favorite and most relaxing pieces to work on. I’m working on water ripple pieces at the moment and TotalBoat Thickset Fathom Deep Pour Epoxy makes life so much easier. I can pour 2” thick pieces and there will be zero bubbles. This helps me create a clear and relaxing effect.’



‘Experimenting is a big part of my art process. I don’t know if my ideas will work but the main thing is to have fun. Sometimes I’ll get new ideas from my experiment, it really gets my creativity going. The things you can make with resin are endless, this is why I love working with resin so much.’

‘To the lovely people that are reading this that want to try resin, I’m telling you that you need to try it. You’ll become obsessed like me. Here are a few tips: 

I slow curing resin, then you have time to play and move the resin around with different tools. I would recommend MakerPoxy Artist Resin

Protection is very important, a face mask, gloves and something to protect the table. Read the resin instructions carefully. 

Don’t expect perfection straight away a lot of people you see using resin have been using it for years. 

Experiment and have fun, my first piece was an abstract piece. I used three colors and moved the colors around with a blowtorch and a wooden stick. I was also getting to know how much to blowtorch torch and how resin moves.'

Make sure to give Jenni a follow on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all her latest creations, and check out her Etsy shop for available finished pieces!

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I like the looks of water moving.

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