Jamestown Distributors 2nd Annual Customer Boat Show

Last April, prior to our Annual Tent Sale, we had the thought that our customers would enjoy seeing the fruits of each other’s labors by inviting local boatbuilding customers to our first ever Customer Boat Show. We recruited 5 busy customers, who were eager to show up and share their boats with the crowd that dreary April day. Some were new builds and a few were serious restorations. The crowd at the Tent Sale enthusiastically ate up this little display of boatbuilding, and so we are excited to do it all over again for the 2018 Tent Sale. 

We are still looking for locals with trailered boats to come show off their hard work at our April 14th Tent Sale. Do you have such a boat? Reach out with a comment below and let us know if you and your craft can make it to the Customer Boat Show. We want to see some of your different projects, too – like surfboards or other cool waterproof toys being built.

We have a great lineup already planning to attend, many of who will no doubt be putting on the finishing touches hours before they tow to Bristol. We hope you’ll come check out our customers and their hard work. We love seeing what you’re all up to and know you most likely do, too.

See you on April 14th at the JD HQ at 17 Peckham Drive, Bristol, RI 02809.

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