Behind the Scenes in Your Busy Winter Workshops

When we asked our customers to submit photos to our Workshop Photo Contest, we knew we would see all sorts of excellent projects being worked on over the New England winter. We were blown away by over 100 submissions, and the variety of amazing builds going on behind workshop doors. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for submissions, so send over your entry to today! Include your name, the boat type, and the products and supplies you are using. We can’t wait to see what you’re up to! 

Take a look through the submissions which we have posted on our Facebook page. The album features captions as provided by the builders, and there is a lot of great insight into the projects and the processes.  There are row boats, powerboats, kayaks and canoes, wooden fans, boxes and benches, hulls and holes and hatches and more!

Let the work our customers are doing inspire you to build your own boat! We have the resources here to supply you with everything you need, from fiberglass to phone support with our Tech Help hotline (800-497-0010).

And submit your entry to the photo contest TODAY! Don’t be left out!

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