2018 Summer Customer Boat Project Photo Contest Winners

Montgomery Bauman
Montgomery Bauman’s Chris Craft Commercial runabout in Ohio — in Thornport, Ohio.

We again had to choose more than one customer photo to win our Summer Photo Contest. Nearly every entry was worthy of winning something – but we had to settle on three and chose a winner in three categories: Best Photo (it is a photo contest, after all), Best Restoration and Best Build. With so many worthy candidates, even selecting these top projects in their category left many worthy boats behind. But today we celebrate 3 worthy winners. Check out their projects.

A common theme amongst the entries was completion, which is something that we feel proud of and we sensed our customers, too were proud of their accomplishments. Lots of our customers gave us special thanks for helping them figure out a tough problem, source a part or refine a technique.

There weren’t too many photos of boats in pieces or with pieces missing. There were many more photos of boats that have risen from the ashes to once again ride the waves in restored glory. So, congratulations to all of our customers who submitted a photo.

But special congrats to our three winners. Each will receive a $50 credit on their Jamestown Distributors account. It was a difficult decision – but we are impressed with our finalists and can’t wait to see what you all get into over the coming winter months. Plan for a good upgrade or repair now and make a timeline so you can be sure you’re out on the water when summer comes around.

Stanley Kulikowski

I recently restored and refinished a 1941 Old Town H.W. Canoe. Never having done a restoration I had many questions throughout the process. Jamestown Dist. was able to provide the guidance and was my go-to for all of the varnish, paint, and painting supplies. Top notch service and products. Stanley Kulikowski – Pleasant Ridge, MI

Mark Booker

Mark Booker – Smithfield, ME Wood Duck 12′ Hybrid

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